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Tips of the Trade #1 & 2

I know I haven’t been a mother long (since my first baby is just shy of 10 months), but when you do something every day, you start to develop some techniques. Now that baby girl (who my husband has decided shall now be referred to as baby Pink Dot) is out of the super fast changing months and into a more settled pattern of activity, I’m starting to develop a schedule as a stay at home mom.

We do have some play dates, and a baby music class once a week, but overall we tend to only leave the house when Mommy (me) has errands to run. Since I’m not a huge fan of spending money on a daily basis, we spend a lot of time at home. This makes meals and nap time much easier, but things still tend to get stale. To keep myself sane and keep baby Pink Dot from fussing with boredom, I’ve developed a few tricks. For this post, I’ll start with 2 big ones that I’ve found to be the most useful.

#1 Full Upper Body Bibs

These things are amazing. They’re sleeved bibs made by Bumkins and they make meal time so much easier than the cloth bibs. Now, those terry cloth bibs were fantastic for when Pink Dot was younger and we spoon-fed her all of her food, but since self-feeding became a thing, our laundry frequency has significantly decreased thanks to these sleeved bibs. We have two that we alternate, typically washing one while using the other, and they keep her onesies from getting completely covered in whatever she’s eating at the time. My favorite foods to use these bibs with are peanut butter and hummus.

You can either toss the bibs in the wash, or rinse them in the sink, so they get washed with whatever load of laundry we happen to be doing and it saves me from washing my daughter’s entire wardrobe every other day!

#2 Have “Stations” Around the House

Baby Pink Dot gets incredibly bored sitting in just one spot of the house every day while she’s awake, so we change it up every now and then. On the left is her carpet spot in the living room. We’re currently renting a house with white carpet on the main floor, so I have a blanket spread out as a drop cloth. It also works well as a central toy location. On the right is her island in the kitchen so she can watch Mommy and Daddy cook or clean dishes or make her bottle (a very important task to monitor).

We also have her pack n play in the master bedroom so I can use the bathroom knowing she’s safe and sound, and a few toys on the couch so she can sit with us when our backs and rear ends are tired of the floor.

Of course, we’re pretty fortunate that our little girl isn’t mobile yet. Once she starts crawling or walking, I’ll have to change our stations a bit.


Hopefully these tips help a few new moms, or maybe give veteran moms a good smirk. More tips to come as I make it further down the road that is motherhood!


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